Saturday, November 19, 2005

Intelligence Bulletin Archive - 1

  • Pak denies Dawood's presence in Islamabad

  • Pakistan has vehemently denied the report carried by an Indian magazine claming that Dawood Ibrahim, the most wanted man in India, and his family reside in Islamabad well guarded by ISI sleuths. Rejecting the report, an unidentified government official said that the report did not mention its sources, and hence it did not carry any credibility. "This report has been written in the Outlook without giving the name of the correspondent which is highly unusual. The fact that the source of the story is not clearly indicated also indicates that there is no credibility," The News quoted the senior official, as saying while reacting to the magazine report.

  • UNLF preaches rebel unity

  • Manipur’s militant outfit, the United Nat-ional Liberation Front (UNLF), today said it was ready to work with the NSCN (I-M) on territorial issues if the Naga group abandons the path of “compromise with India” and resumes its armed struggle against “Indian occupation”. The UNLF is an organisation that is strongly opposed to what it termed the NSCN (I-M)’s agenda of “breaking up Manipur”. The activists of these two organisations have clashed in the past.
    A statement issued by the central committee of the UNLF on the occasion of its 41st foundation day tomorrow said all ethnic groups in Manipur should coexist. The gro-ups’ freedom and independence could be achieved thro-ugh united struggle, never by isolated peace talks, it added.

  • Master In Civil War & Disintegrating

  • No one knows fully and exactly why the Burma's junta is moving the capital from Rangoon to middle-Burma Pyinmana. General Sarki of KNU, and a famous bush-fighter, with a mind which perceives both past and future, his followers told me. 1.The junta can hide in the dense mountain-forest, keeping far distance from the invasion of U.S.cow boy Bush's special troop.

  • Naxals capture state within state

  • Think. If terrorists can blow up a culvert, cut rail links, target the police lines, burn down the DM's house and free over 390 of their brethren including senior leader Ajay Kahnu with impunity, it underscores the ill-preparedness of the State in even maintaining routine law and order, fobbing off militant attacks is a far cry. Worse, fears of an upper caste backlash has the State on the boil, given its tenuous social fabric.

  • PMO order stops workshop on CHT people's land rights

  • A two-day workshop on the land rights issues of indigenous people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) that began yesterday morning at Rangamati was forced to stop in the afternoon following a 'directive' from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

  • High-ups want to go tough on the press

  • The president, prime minister and information minister have expressed their willingness to amend the provision of the Press Council Act related to the power to warn, admonish and censure the press, said chairman of the press council. "I am in favour of adding a punitive provision to the act to make it effective and to strengthen the council," Justice Abu Sayeed Ahammed, chairman of the council, said in the council's annual report 2004 placed in parliament yesterday. Justice Ahammed, who was appointed the chairman of Bangladesh Press Council on May 26 this year, said amending the law is an urgent matter.

  • Taliban say kidnapped Indian engineer has been executed

  • he Taliban said they had executed a kidnapped Indian engineer on Tuesday after the latter’s company failed to meet the deadline set for its pullout from Afghanistan. The deadline set for Border Roads Organisation, a road-building company, to halt operations in the country expired at 6pm, Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi told Daily Times by telephone from an undisclosed destination.

  • Blood debt women offered up for rape

  • A village council in Pakistan has decreed that five young women should be abducted, raped or killed for refusing to honour childhood "marriages". The women, who are cousins, were married in absentia by a mullah in their Punjabi village to illiterate sons of their family's enemies in 1996, when they were aged from six to 13. The marriages were part of a compensation agreement ordered by the village council and reached at gunpoint after the father of one of the girls shot dead a family rival. The rival families have now called in their "debt", demanding the marriages to the village men are fulfilled.

  • High alert in Pakistan, China on terror fax

  • Law enforcement agencies and immigration authorities have been put on high alert in Pakistan and China after a fax message was received by the consulate-general of China in Karachi, saying that terrorists were planning to strike at some hotels in Hong Kong and China in the near future

  • Investigate Pakistan-Iran nexus

  • India's concerns about Pakistan's rogue nuclear scientist, Dr AQ Khan, and his network of associates supplying nuclear technology and material to Iran should be taken note of by the international community, particularly the United States, which is spearheading a move to cap Iran's nuclear weapons programme arguing an imminent threat to global peace and order if it is allowed to continue. This issue has assumed particular significance and urgency in view of the board meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) scheduled on November 24 to decide on Iran.

  • Two Tripura rebel outfits join hands

  • Two secret meetings were held at the Tiger Force base camp in Satcherri, under Bangladesh’s Habiganj district, and in a plush apartment in Dhaka rented by the NLFT. Leaders of both groups decided to join hands for a renewed offensive as well as to regain areas lost to security forces. Highly-placed sources in the special branch (intelligence wing) of state police said the outfits have joined hands with an eye on the forthcoming elections to the village committees in Autonomous District Council (ADC) areas. The elections are likely to be held early next year.

  • Human wrongs

  • Many in India are given to wishful thinking that peace between India and Pakistan and the transient general bonhomie of today will lead to an end to terrorism in India. It will not, given the mindset that prevails in Rawalpindi and Islamabad along with the madrasa culture which collectively dreams of a destabilised, if not balkanised, India.

  • Pakistan regrets `evasive response' of India

  • Pakistan on Tuesday `regretted' the `evasive response' of India to the ideas of `demilitarisation and self-governance' on both sides of Kashmir. ``It would be regrettable if the Indian side chooses to be evasive in responding to these ideas which must be considered with an open mind in the interest of finding a solution of the Kashmir dispute and durable peace in the region,'' the Pakistan Foreign Office said in a statement.

  • India relieved as EU plans to revive Iran talks

  • With the European Union ready to discuss a Russian proposal to revive nuclear talks with Iran next month, it's almost certain that there will be no vote in Vienna on Thursday - a development that is bound to cheer India. Reports from Vienna on Tuesday said that the EU troika - Britain, France and Germany - was considering a meeting to discuss the US-backed Russian idea under which Iran will convert uranium but the enrichment will be done by Moscow.

  • Uzbekistan Ends U.S. Use of Airbase Aiding Afghanistan Mission

  • Uzbekistan closed an airbase used by the U.S. military to support operations in Afghanistan after relations deteriorated over the Uzbek government's use of force to control an uprising in May. A C-17 transport aircraft carrying 90 U.S. military personnel left Uzbekistan shortly after a flag-lowering ceremony yesterday at the Karshi-Khanabad airbase in the south of the country, Lieutenant Commander Joe Carpenter, a U.S. Defense Department spokesman, said late yesterday in Washington.

  • Religious leaders should expose anti-state designs

  • A leaflet circulated on September 6 in Feni understandably by a faction of Ahle Hadith said, "finding its popularity, Indian secret agency RAW infiltrated into Ahle Hadith to serve its evil design against this country. Maulana Abdul Matin Salafi of India came to Bangladesh in 1983 with a special mission of RAW, which was unearthed by the intelligence agencies. When it came to President Ershad he ordered expulsion of Maulana Salafi in 1989."

  • Galib tape reveals his int'l network

  • Galib also introduced an Indian, Abdul Matin Salafi, as special guest. Earlier in 1988 Matin had been expelled from Bangladesh for militant activities. Galib in his speech said he (Matin) was visiting Bangladesh secretly after a long 7 years 5 months and 26 days. Investigators said Salafi helped Galib in developing links with international militants especially of the Middle East and South Asia.

  • Only Jews, Persians "Minorities" in India

  • K C Sudarshan, the head of a Hindu ultra-nationalist movement in India, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), declared that the only groups that could be called "minorities" in India are Jews and "Parsis" (Persians), because they "migrated to India from other nations."

  • Indian rail wants to roll on Chinese strategic track

  • China railways’ strategy to rehabilitate displaced workers and their system of converting profits as performance-based management bonuses, has generated interest among Indian railway officials. Members of an Indian railway ministry delegation, which recently visited China, shared their experiences during a World Bank seminar, held here on Monday. World Bank country director, Michael Carter was also present on the occasion.

  • Maoists Exporting Revolution to Bhutan

  • Clear and positive proof has been discovered that Maoists are exporting their violent republican revolution to the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan from Nepal. Bhutan cannot blame the Government of Nepal which is trying to crush the revolution; it must take up the issue with its patron India, which is sheltering the Nepalese revolutionaries. Bhutan itself is to blame for prolonging the resolution of the 15-year refugee problem.

  • Nepal Maoists set terms for arms control

  • Nepal’s Maoist guerrillas have volunteered to lay down their arms before the UN or a similar third party, provided the tiny South Asian kingdom agrees to get a new constitution. Nepal’s opposition parties last week held secret talks with the top leaders of the banned Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in neighboring India’s capital, New Delhi, where the rebels volunteered to put their “People’s Army” guerrillas under the supervision of the UN or a similar agency - on two conditions.

  • Nuclear installations, dams remained safe in October 8 earthquake: PM

  • " No damage at any level has been caused to country’s nuclear assets and dams in the October 8 devastating earthquake. Both are fully safe and secure", he said this while talking to the journalists after his meeting with Indian minister of state for external affairs, Ebrar Ahmad here Sunday in Prime Minister house.

  • Chinese ships arrive for wargame

  • Two Chinese Navy ships arrived here on Monday to carry out first-ever joint exercise with the Pakistan Navy outside the Chinese territorial waters. This was announced in a press release of the ISPR (Navy) issued here on Monday. It said that ships ‘Shenzhen’, a guided missile destroyer, and ‘Weishanhu’, an auxiliary tanker, were given unprecedented warm welcome upon their entry into Pakistani waters.

  • Port Charlotte woman assisting search for Taliban

  • During a five-day mission earlier this month, Turner led four platoons in and out of the Red Desert and surrounding villages. Team Delta searched for Taliban returning from Pakistan after the Moslem holiday of Eid. The night ambushes were set at several routes the Taliban use as crossings from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Temperatures often hovered just above freezing.

  • Al Qaeda Tries to Return

  • The Taliban has attracted additional money, and suicide bombers, from Arabia. Two years ago, most of this support shifted to Iraq, where al Qaeda believed it had a better chance of winning some kind of victory. But too many Arab terrorist resources in Iraq produced nothing, and Iraqis have become very hostile to al Qaeda as a result of all the Iraqis killed by terrorist attacks. So now, efforts are shifting to Afghanistan.

  • The Al Qaeda Air Force

  • In September, 2005, Pakistani troops captured an al Qaeda/Taliban base near the Afghan border. In addition to Pakistani and foreign terrorists captured, there was a great deal of material taken as well. This included guns, ammo, communications gear, laptops, and what was described as a “Chinese UAV”. Actually, it was a fairly large (bright yellow) remote control aircraft. A hobby item, actually. One of the Pakistani reporters later found an identical one in a big city hobby shop, selling for $55. The aircraft was made in China. The Pakistani army reported that the “Chinese UAV” was equipped with a video camera and transmitter, although the army did not release any details on that.

  • Al-Qaeda transferring bio-attack expertise to Pakistan based terror organizations to attack India

  • Al-Queda according to some international think tanks may be testing their bio-terror expertise on India. For that they may be transferring the know how to Pakistan based terror organizations to attack India. According to media reports, biological terror attack by Al-Qaeda poses a "clear and present danger", Interpol warned on Monday at the opening of a three-day meeting to prevent bio-terrorism.

  • Radicals' pan-Asia Islamic state plan

  • MUSLIM extremists want to create an Islamic state stretching from Thailand to Indonesia, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer warned yesterday. Mr Downer said their goal was to drive out all Western interests and create a fundamentalist state that encompassed Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia and southern Thailand. "They want to get rid of democracy in these countries and replace it with a puritanical regime that denies individual freedoms," he said.

  • A Q Khan was in CIA pay since 1975?

  • New evidence has emerged to suggest that Dr. A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, was in the pay and protection of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the United States since 1975. According to a report appearing in The Tribune newspaper, former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, is named as the source of this startling, but unimpeachable source of information.

  • Terror alert in Dhaka over threat of attack on rally

  • A terror alert has been sounded in the Bangladeshi capital and surrounding areas following an intelligence report about possible bomb attacks on an opposition rally in the city tomorrow. According to the intelligence report, the banned Islamist outfit, the Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) blamed for the August 17 serial blasts, has planned a series of bomb attacks in Dhaka. Different groups of the militant outfit are reportedly trying to send a huge quantity of high explosives to Dhaka through land or riverine routes.

  • Pakistan’s nuke facilities suffered damage by recent quake

  • Pakistani nuclear facilities and storage sites in the Northern Areas have suffered “15 to 20 per cent damage” in the recent mega quake and the local populace faces the risk of contamination, a report said.Claiming that these sites and facilities had suffered serious damage, the European website Newsinsight reported that “the local population faces the risk of contamination, but a curfew has been imposed and they are being actively prevented by the authorities to leave the area”.

  • Taliban threatens to behead Indian engineer

  • Taliban has announced Sunday evening the ultimatum to the Indian company to leave Afghanistan for the safe release of the kidnapped Indian engineer.Taliban's spokesperson Qari Yusuf Ahmadi said, Taliban has given the Indian construction company named Border Road Organization the ultimatum to leave Afghanistan in 48 hours, otherwise they will behead the kidnapped Indian engineer.

  • Punjab police foil terror plan

  • The Punjab Police on Sunday claimed to have foiled a major plan by Pakistan-trained terrorists of the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) to strike in crowded localities in the State and national capitals. Announcing the arrest of three BKI terrorists here, SSP R.K. Jaiswal said they planned to detonate bombs in areas dominated by a particular community.

  • Myanmar expands military presence in new capital

  • Myanmar has expanded its military presence in the centre of the country since the reclusive junta set up a new administrative capital in Pyinmana, north of Yangon, a source said on Sunday. The military set up a new regional command in the mountainous town, 320 kilometres north of Yangon, to handle security operations there, the source close to the military said.

  • Abu's wife Samira was saved by US

  • India had sought extradition of underworld don Abu Salem’s ex-wife Samira Jumani from the US last year but the request was turned down apparently on the ground that there wasn’t sufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing on her part, sources here said today. However, it was not clear if a fresh request for her extradition has been made by New Delhi after Abu Salem was handed over to India by Portugal recently. Senior officials at the embassy of India did not offer any comment.

  • RAW cautions India over gas pipeline through Bangladesh

  • Indian external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has told the Indian government it would be “a serious mistake” to consider Bangladesh as a transit point for the gas pipeline from Burma.

  • Rebels trading in Chinese arms through Burma: Indian Intelligence

  • Indian intelligence sources say they have proof that leaders of the outlawed United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) are planning to use their bases in Burma as conduits for massive consignments of Chinese weapons.

  • Remote viewers see massive Pakistani plans of terrorist infiltration into India though open borders in Kashmir LoC

  • India is planning to formally open the Line of Control in Kashmir. Remote viewers in intelligence communities and supporting field intelligence are sending shivering chill in Indian security apparatus. According to some of them, Pakistan may flood India with terror cells in every block of every city. They have enough people will to do jihad against India and sacrifice themselves.

  • Osama is alive and active in Pak villages bordering Afghanistan

  • The most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden is very much alive and is living in remote tribal villages of Pakistan on the borders with Afghanistan. This has been conclusively established giving a lie to the claims of Islamabad.

  • Naga ceasefire may end in January ‘06

  • The Naga ceasefire may not be renewed when it expires on 31 January 2006 because the NSCN-IM has taken a decision that the Indian government has to publicly make a commitment about Naga sovereignty. It has also told Central interlocutors that the sovereignty issue for Nagas should be the only point of discussion in the next round of talks in three months and that a decision has to be announced, otherwise, the ceasefire would collapse.

  • Bangladesh to give partial custody of NE ultras

  • Bangladesh has agreed to give partial custody of Indian insurgents caught by Bangladeshi authorities once India sends a formal request, but on the condition that they will not be sentenced to death.

  • Militants make mileage out of disaster relief

  • In the shattered cities and toppled villages of Pakistan's earthquake zone, a new front has opened in the "war on terrorism". As the world played aid catch-up at the weekend, pledging US$5.8 billion ($7.9 billion) in assistance, and with the Prime Minister, John Howard, due to arrive in Islamabad today, Muslim extremist groups are basking in what Pakistani commentators say is a new-found legitimacy courtesy of their quick response to the disaster.


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