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Voices in the Morning -7th December 2005

Shahid Alam
There are sound speculations in knowledgeable circles of the country that several foreign intelligence agencies and private citizens and groups of other nations, including foreign Islamic NGOs like the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society and al Harmain, patronize militant organizations in Bangladesh for purposes ranging from the purely political to the absolutely theocratic. The latest phase of attacks is thought to have been conducted on the instructions of a particular foreign intelligence agency partly for the benefit of the principal opposition party Awami League (AL) and its agenda of unconstitutionally unseating the government. In fact, already red herrings have started being drawn by organizations sympathetic to AL to draw attention away from the prime suspect in terms of the international intelligence agencies. A freedom fighters organization has specified Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI for being behind the bombers and JMB, but many informed sources have no doubt that India's RAW is the culprit. There is good rationale for their line of thought. By unleashing its militant creation to wreak havoc, RAW can embarrass its bete noire, the BNP-led government, undermine the state and the government, portray the incumbent regime as being a fundamentalist-extremist entity, and provide ammunition for AL to engage in its agitation-propaganda programmes for the ultimate purpose of unseating the government and gaining state power for itself.............READ MORE

How to Assess If Coverage of a Terror Attack is Fair

• Is the terror attack reported?

• Is the headline appropriate?

- Does it identify the terrorist, e.g. as Islamic Jihad, Palestinian or Arab? A clear headline would be: "Islamic Jihad Bomber Murders 5 at Israeli Mall"? Or does it just refer to a generic bomber, e.g. "Bomber Kills 5 at Mall in Israel".

- Is it accurate? For example, the Associated Press (AP) has twice used the inaccurate phrase "Israeli suicide bomber" to describe a Palestinian terrorist.

- Is the headline in the active tense (Terrorist Murders 5 at Israeli Mall) or is it in the passive tense (e.g. 5 Killed at Mall in Israel), with the terrorist or bombing perhaps not even mentioned?

• If there is a photo, is it appropriate? ...............READ MORE

Shamsuddin Ahmed

It is not understandable how JMB can be a threat to the nation. Police investigation reveals that JMB cadres are mostly madrasa students and teachers trained in making and planting bombs. And the number of cadres is estimated at around 8,000. Its objective is not to overthrow the government but seeks to establish the rule of Islam. JMB activities clearly indicate the purpose of createing panic among the people and thus destabilize the situation affecting the country's economy. It is interesting to note that the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW in its report to the Indian government said that Islamic militant activities would increase in Bangladesh. Part of the report was carried by a number of our newspapers. It is apparent that RAW was aware or involved in JMB plan of countrywide bombings. Aug 17 bomb blasts was not intended to kill but to create panic among the people and impede economic activities........READ MORE

D.J. McGuire

Over four years ago, America suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history, caused by a terrorist group largely known as al Qaeda. About a month after the attack, it was first reported that Communist China bought unexploded American cruise missiles from al Qaeda in order to "reverse engineer" them, i.e., use them to advance its own cruise missile capabilities. That report was just confirmed on Nov. 29. The subsequent silence from mainstream media has been deafening. What gives here? .................READ MORE
DEBKA - Israeli Intelligence

In mid-September, Al Qaeda diverted a small but potent force from Iraq to a new mission: the opening of a new front in China. The unit was smuggled into the Chinese border town of Kushi in the Xinjiang Uygur province in November, after a meandering journey traced by DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s counter-terror sources. There, the terrorists were quickly absorbed by the al Qaeda infrastructure of local Uygur Muslim extremist cells. Their plan of campaign in the first stage was to reach Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai for strikes against US embassies and consulates, American firms operating in China and American tourists............READ MORE

FLASH POINT: North East India - Assam

BRIEF: Indian troops have launched a major operation in the northeastern state of Assam to quell ethnic clashes that have left at least 100 people dead and 50,000 displaced. A government spokesman says artillery has been deployed and soldiers have been ordered to shoot on sight anyone involved in arson or attacks in Karbi Anglong district, 330 kilometres east of Assam's main city of Guwahati. A violent turf war between the majority Karbi and the Dimasa tribes has wracked the district since October. Rebel groups representing the two ethnic communities have targeted civilians and set ablaze about 2,500 homes. More than 50,000 people, the majority of them Karbis, have fled their homes and are housed in makeshift, government-run shelters.


The army in the Indian state of Assam has been authorised to shoot on sight to prevent more violence in the troubled Karbi Anglong district. More than 125 people have been killed in clashes between two rival tribal guerrilla groups in recent weeks. Any fighters seen carrying weapons will be legitimate targets for the security forces, Assam's top civil servant, S Kabilan says. The army has drafted in more soldiers to deal with the situation."Anyone found wearing military uniforms and carrying weapons, other than members of the security forces, will be shot at sight whenever spotted," Mr Kabilan said, during a tour of the troubled area. "That is our orders to the army and the paramilitary troops. The militants of groups now in a ceasefire mode will have to stick to their camps peacefully or they will face drastic action."............READ MORE


Encouraged by the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) having sued for peace shortly after making it to the US State Department's list of terrorist organisations, this May, the government now plans to urge the US to put the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) and the Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) outfits on its terror list. Senior Home Ministry officials confirmed the move and said the Ministry External Affairs had been provided the details of the terrorist groups.......READ MORE


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