Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bangladesh Update: 28th January 2006

  • Australian Federal Police intelligence moving in to Bangladesh
The AFP has an increasing international presence as a result of its counter-terrorism work. After the Bali bombing it had up to 120 police in Indonesia. As well as its well publicised work in the Solomon Islands, and its new commitment to policing in Papua New Guinea, it has been called on by the Philippines Government to assist in investigating several recent bombings. Last year it helped the Indonesian Government to establish a centre for law enforcement co-operation in Jakarta, at a cost to the Australian Government of $38 million over five years. And Keelty says the AFP now has about 65 liaison officers in 26 countries including China and Vietnam (where it was the first Western agency) and South Africa, and it is now moving into India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh....more in The Courier Mail

  • US State Deptt communique: Security situation in Bangladesh volatile
A US State Department communique has said the security situation in Bangladesh is volatile, mentioning that a terrorist bombing campaign and threats to U.S. and Western interests have led to increased security measures around U.S. government facilities in and around Dhaka. It said banned Islamist terrorist group Jama'tul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) has identified the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom as alleged enemies of Islam. It is unclear at this point what impact the recent arrests of senior JMB figures will have on JMB's ability to mount new attacks.
"However, the potential for continued JMB violence, in Dhaka and elsewhere, should be considered real and serious,"
Bangladesh Consular Information sheet released by U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings said......more in New Nation
  • India's strategic challenges
Worrisome for India is its eastern neighbor Bangladesh becoming more and more a safe haven for terrorists and extremists. There is concern that a "corridor for terrorists" might be established from Nepal, through the northern part of India and Bangladesh. A high-ranking Indian military source offered his assessment that the United Nations will have to start another military operation along the border of India and Bangladesh to cut off this corridor....more in UPI Intelligence Watch


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