Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Claims Win in Palestinian Election - US refuses to deal with them

The Islamic militant group Hamas said Thursday it won control of the Palestinian parliament and officials from the ruling Fatah Party confirmed the estimate, though Palestinian election officials delayed the release of preliminary official results. Also Thursday, the Palestinian Cabinet submitted their resignations on following the apparent Hamas victory in legislative elections, Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia's office said, setting the stage for the Islamic group to lead a new Palestinian government. Meanwhile, the claim by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was based on reporting by Hamas activists who observed the counting in the polling stations, the group said. He said Hamas had won about 70 seats, enough for a majority in the 132-seat parliament....more from AP

Meanhwhile US President George W. Bush said in a newspaper interview Wednesday he would refuse to deal with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, which won the Palestinian elections, until it ends its drive to destroy the Zionist regime. He told Wall Street journal that a political party, in order to be viable, is one that professes peace, in his judgment, in order that it will keep the peace. The journal said Bush was interviewed as Palestinians were casting votes Wednesday....more in IRIB
  • Al-Aq'sa Martyrs Brigade shows off new missiles - it says have a 16 mile range..
The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the terrorist group that is affiliated with the mainstream Fatah party headed by Mahmoud ‘Abbas, told The Media Line on Wednesday that its new missile, dubbed the 'Al-Aq'sa 207', is ready for use. The group claims that unlike the Qassam rockets that have plagued Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip which have a range of only about five miles, or the old-version Al-Aq'sa 107 with a range of 11 miles, the 207 can travel 16 miles which places Israel’s population centers cleanly in the crosshairs if launched from the West Bank. Israeli defense analysts warned before the unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip that following the pullout, more sophisticated weapons like the new Al-Aq'sa 207 will find their way into the West Bank. Earlier this month, Israeli officials revealed that for the first time a Palestinian rocket was successfully launched at an Israeli target in the West Bank three weeks prior.LINK

Analysis: Why Hamas is Gaining in Palestinian Polls


Anonymous Shapps said...

Yeah Yeah yeah! Heard it all before. The Brits always refused to deal with the IRA, but of course behind the scenes there were always negotiations ongoing. I think in the public view, no government can be seen to capitulate to 'terrorists'. But in the background, the US will still act. Or at least I hope.

January 27, 2006  

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