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Highlights 12th February 2006


Jawans 'rape' pregnant woman, injure 12 villagers A group of Assam Rifles jawans allegedly gang raped a tribal woman at Sachindraroazapara in Dhalai district and injured twelve others in the name of combating insurgency in Tripura, police said on Sunday.The jawans of 36 no battalion of Assam Rifles conducted anti-insurgency operations on the night of February 8 in Gobindabari block area and during their search in the area recovered a country made gun from the house of one Patijoy Tripura at Sachindraroazapara, police said....more in newINDPRESS

Centre monitoring Assam violence: Indira Goswami
"I spoke to National Security Adviser M K Narayanan and he assured me that the government is monitoring the situation very strongly," Goswami told here. She said Ulfa Commander-in-Chief Paresh Barua seemed positive about the outcome of the just held PCG-government meeting but was "terribly agitated" when she spoke to him over phone yesterday.,"I spoke to Paresh Barua yesterday. He was happy in the morning...In the evening, he was terribly agitated," she said....more in ZEE News
Street uprising against army

This morning, braving the army patrolling, thousands of unarmed villagers literally evicted two army pickets located in and around the Pengeri area and made an abortive attempt to storm the main camp also. Official sources confirming this development informed over phone that villagers have been demanding that Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi should come personally to instruct army to withdraw from the area. ''Situation is very grave. Already two pickets of army have been stormed and villagers defied the last night's army restriction of free movement. Anything can happen now as for the fourth day the National Highway 52 have been blocked,'' said an official of the Tinsukia district administration.....more in New Kerala

Nude protest threat over custody death

Badarpur police described the situation in the town as tense but under control. A senior officer said Laskar’s arrest was expected to restore a semblance of normality. In Kakopathar, over 10,000 people gathered at Hunjan Tinali to perform tiloni — an Assamese ritual on the third day after a person’s death — for Ajit. The villagers, who have been demanding punishment for the army personnel who had picked up the farmer, also adopted a resolution to stage a naked protest if the soldiers were let off without adequate penalties. “Women will strip naked in Kakopathar town if immediate action is not taken against the guilty army personnel,” the resolution said. A group of 12 Manipuri women had shocked the nation by protesting against army excesses in the nude in front of the Kangla Fort in Imphal, which was then the Assam Rifles headquarters, after the custody death of a woman named Thangjam Manorama.........more in The Telegraph

Shoot-On-Sight Orders In Assam After Mob Violence

Troops on mounted vehicles patrolled this curfew-bound Assam district where six people were killed in police firing and a paramilitary trooper was lynched by a mob, officials said Saturday. A police spokesman said an indefinite curfew was imposed late Friday after police opened fire on a 20,000-strong crowd in this district, about 520 km from the state's main city of Guwahati. Five protestors were killed and 20 injured when police opened fire to disperse the crowd that tried to set ablaze a police station in protest against the death of a local villager last weekend while in army custody......more in

ULFA threaten to pull out of talks

Declaring that innocent civilians were being killed in the name of countering insurgency, the People's Consultative Group (PCG), an 11-member team of civil society leaders chosen by the outlawed ULFA, said the central government was violating the 'spirit' of the agreement reached between the two sides in New Delhi. "We have told the Indian government in clear terms that we will pull out of the talks if security forces continue with their operations resulting in excesses on the common people," Dilip Patgiri, a senior PCG member, said....more in TOI
Bangladesh considering pre-paid handset registration scheme to combat terrorism

Bangladesh is planning to introduce a scheme to register all pre-paid mobile handsets so that the government can track their ownership. The move is being promoted in an effort to clamp down on the use of unregistered mobile phones by local terrorists. The country's five network operators were told of the state’s plan last Thursday, at a meeting attended by the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and intelligence officials....more in TeleGeography

Dhaka’s Hostile Attitude towards India Keeps it out of Asian Highway Road Network

Bangladesh did not sign the agreement as it feared that joining the Asian Highway would mean giving transit to India. But this fear was completely unfounded as joining the highway does not mean giving transit to any particular country because it is only an international road network. The countries which join the agreement are not bound to permit the movement of goods and passenger traffic across its territory. According to the charter, separate agreement between the parties concerned is needed for movement of goods and people. Bangladesh could have ratified the agreement allowing the highway through it without giving transit to India. Bangladesh could have also earned important revenues by selling 'transport services' to all neighbouring countries including India, Nepal and Bhutan. The services could include both rail and road transport. As Bangladesh did not sign the agreement till the deadline of December 31, 2005 it has lost voting rights. Now it will either remain out of the network or in case it joins the agreement at a later date it will have to comply with decisions made earlier....more in SAAG

A word for Bangladesh does not constitute a word against India.

India is our large neighbor with whom we share culture, tradition, ethnicity, religion and language. Like any group of people living in close proximity or like disagreeing siblings we can live apart, agree to disagree, contest over resources, even rabidly in self preservation, and still be good friends and neighbors. Sixty years hence, the achievements the Bangladeshis have accomplished, so far, starting almost from nothing, as others have already pointed out, may not be earth shattering but impressive by any set of standards, which is a testament to our ability, agility and adaptability as a people. And as time goes, barring any catastrophic mishap, and provided changes are made in the right direction, further progress by Bangladeshis will be made, thereby ushering in, hopefully, the very conditions that are necessary for peaceful co existence, of all our people, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Budhists and the indigenous people as part of a congruous coherent community that will be the ideal Bangladesh. And when that happens, I think, all the sacrifices made in blood and tears, by all sides, would have been done for a worthy cause.....more in NFB

A Bangladeshi revives English food

When Indians come to London, they manage to find fine cuisine from all over the world to stimulate their palate, but the one thing that has been missing is a trendy restaurant serving good old British food. That’s all changed now, thanks to a new upmarket restaurant situated in the heart of London’s foodie-land at Borough Market called Roast, paying homage to the great British tradition of a roast lunch on Sundays. The unusual thing is that the revival in British food has been brought about by a Bangladeshi....more in DNA World

Bangladesh story

This is sort of silly story I wrote a couple months ago. Sometimes when i get frustrated with bangladesh its good to write something about it. I think if you read this, sorry its so long, you could actually learn something about bangladesh life and culture. I think in retrospect it sounds a little bit negative, but i wrote when I was having a stressful day. if I didnt really like Bangladesh I would just quit and go back to america. So enjoy..... Meghan Jo Rimelspach in LIVE JOURNAL

U.S. Navy intercepts suspected pirate ship

It took the U.S. warship several hours of maneuvering and firing warning shots to get the smaller vessel to surrender. A Navy boarding party then confiscated a cache of small arms to disarm the ship before sending it on its way. "This was a maritime security operation," said a Navy officer informed of events in the Indian Ocean. That effort, broadly defined, includes tracking thousands of ships, much as aircraft are monitored, knowing what cargoes the ships are carrying, driving off pirates when they attack a ship, or recovering the ship if it is seized.....more in World Peace Herald

Terrorist Blamed His Failure on Bush

All along the way, these terrorists left an electronic trail. Battle's former wife, October Martinique Lewis, the seventh member of the gang, had stayed behind in Portland. She repeatedly wired Battle money in Hong Kong, Beijing, and, finally, Bangladesh, often informing Battle via e-mail after sending the wire. When she later pleaded guilty to money laundering, the Justice Department said in a statement that "she knew the money she wired was going to be used to support continuing attempts to enter Afghanistan to fight in jihad for the Taliban against the United States." ...more in Human Events Online

Rogue British soldiers filmed in new Iraq abuse scandal (Video)

TODAY we expose a rogue squad of British soldiers who savagely attacked a defenceless bunch of Iraqi teenagers —and with 42 brutal blows brought shame on our nation and its proud army. The horrifying scenes on these pages will shock the world and ignite a huge military scandal. They were captured on a secret home video — apparently filmed for "fun" by a corporal—and show at least eight of his hulking comrades cruelly: DRAGGING four weedy rioters—all apparently in their early teens—off the street and behind the high walls of a secluded army compound, BEATING them senseless with vicious blows from batons, boots and fists, IGNORING their pitiful pleas for mercy, until the incident climaxes with what appears to be an NCO delivering a sickening full-force kick in the genitals of a cringing lad pinned to the ground. All the while the callous cameraman delivers a stomach-churning commentary urging his mates on, cackling with laughter and screaming: "Oh yes! Oh yes! You're gonna get it. Yes, naughty little boys! You little f***ers, you little f***ers. DIE! Ha, ha!".....more in Terrorism News

WATCH VIDEO HERE (Windows Media Player required)

U.S. Planning Iran Strikes

The Pentagon is planning air-and sea-based attacks on Iran`s nuclear sites if no diplomatic solution to the standoff is found, a British newspaper reports. A combination of air strikes and ballistic missiles launched by submarines would be a 'last resort,' the Sunday Telegraph said. Strategists working on target identification and weapons assessment are reporting directly to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the newspaper said. 'This is more than just the standard military contingency assessment,' a senior Pentagon adviser told the Telegraph. 'This has taken on much greater urgency in recent months.'....more in M&C

Face to face with an almost-forgotten goddess

This is how it all began. Sati, Shiva’s consort, ended her life by jumping into a pool of fire to protest against the humiliation of her husband by her own father. Heaven hath no fury like a god bereaved. So Shiva responded by going into the dance of destruction. But the guiles of Vishnu saved the day. The remains of Sati were cut in 51 pieces and scattered across India. The 51 places where the remains fell are known as pitha and constitute the Grand Slam of Indian pilgrimage. As many as 49 of the 51 pithas are within India. A few lie outside its current geographical boundary. One of them, Hinglaj, is in Baluchistan....more in Telegraph


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