Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Highlights 1st February 2006

Rally powers ULFA's sovereignty cry
The banned ULFA today found a strong public voice to back its demand for the inclusion of the thorny subject of sovereignty in the agenda for the peace process. A rally at the Judges Field in Guwahati — organised by the People’s Committee for Peace Initiative in Assam, a conglomerate of 21 organisations, ostensibly to protect the peace process from “sabotage” — turned into a platform for the speakers to back the militant group’s stand. Some went to the extent of saying that the state’s entire population was behind ULFA....more in Telegraph India
  • 5 Bangladeshi's among 8 foreigners arrested for linking with al Qaida in Afghanistan
"In the two seperate ope rations launched by Afghan security forces and intelligence service forces in Zaranj, the provincial capital of Nimroz, eight foreigners entered Afghanistan without any legal documents were arrested since being suspected of having relations with al Qaida," the provincial governor Ghulam Dastagir Azad told Xinhua. "Last night we arrested three persons including one Iraqi and two Kashmiris. Tonight another five Bangladeshis were arrested. After the interrogation, the eight persons were confirmed of being trained in religious schools out of Afghanistan," he added....more in Xinhuanet
  • TATA investment will be harmful for Bangladesh
Economists calculated that supply of 3 trillion cubic feet of gas, leasing coal mine and 2000 acres of land will not be profitable for an investment of Tk. 12 thousand crores, if TATA agrees to buy gas and coal even in international price. Business leaders also cautioned that it will be suicidal to provide gas to the foreigners at the cost of the local interest. Presently there are over 400 steel mills in Bangladesh. These industrial units will be totally collapsed if TATA's preconditions are fulfilled. Local industries will serve the nation better if same facilities are provided to the local investors and industrialists. Business community and energy experts denounced the proposal saying Bangladesh government must not bend down on the pressure of TATA and Indian government. They cautioned the government saying Bangladesh must not enter into any deal with TATA relinquishing national interest. Government should say goodbye to TATA's investment offer and end dialogue immediately. It should secure the local steel and re-rolling mills and factories. If the government provides all the facilities to the local investors to as TATA demands they will invest more than TATA in Bangladesh....more in NFB
  • Asian Highway Route
If at all Asian Highway route passes through Siliguri corridor, Dhaka may be linked through spur/feeder route either via Banglabandha or Burimari. Moreover, 90 percent cargo of Indian origin will pass through the AH routes from western parts of India to eastern parts of India. The quantum of traffic originating from South-East Asia/Myanmar and passing through Bangladesh to India will be minimal. Very small number of loaded trucks may dare devil to cross the hilly terrain of Mayanmar. Loaded trucks will be least interested to pass so many countries of south-east Asia and south Asia of varied political and social hues/upheavals. But sea transport will remain forever conducive to bulk transportation of goods from one region of the world to the other with reasonable price. Every country has equal rights to the use of high seas without let or hindrance. Under the circumstances, Bangladesh will loose little. It's true Bangladesh may earn substantial amount of money if Asian Highway passes over land Bangladesh for carriage of Indian transit goods. But imagine to what extent the road infrastructures will be damaged because of heavy-duty Indian trucks passing over the congested roads of Bangladesh. The repairs cost will also be colossal and prohibitive......more in HOLIDAY
  • Villagers left in limbo by border fence
Around 25,000 men are fanned out along the frontier on the Bangladeshi side, and they speak of the Indian Border Security Force as if it were an enemy. "Don't stray off this road, that is where India starts," said Lt Col Rahman, pointing with his silver-tipped swagger stick at the ground a yard from our feet. "They may shoot, they are so brutal." The fence being built by India around Bangladesh is creating tension in places, and occasionally there have been exchanges of fire. The patrol had begun at dawn, when the fog from another chilly night still clung to the trees of the mango orchards. The Bangladeshi sepoys walked in single file 10 yards apart, their rifles at the ready. They moved stealthily, the silence broken only by the squeak of boots and the soft clanking of equipment...more with the BBC
  • US wants Bangladesh to endorse Bio Terrorism Act
The United States wants Bangladesh to endorse the 'US Bio Terrorism Act' in a bid to prevent attack with toxic substance in food items to ensure safety of people. Agriculture Attach of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Michael Riedel, stationed in New Delhi, in a recent letter to the secretary of the Ministry of Food sought his endorsement to the US Bio Terrorism Act'. The Ministry of Food has sought comment from Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture in this regard. Country's business leaders said such an initiative might cast negative impact on our export....more in New Nation
  • India's nod to Mujib-Indira accord could resolve 90pc border problems : Babar
State Minister for Home Affairs Lutfozzaman Babar yesterday said if Indian Parliament had ratified the 1974 Mujib-Indira accord, 90 percent problems related to border between the two next-door neighbours would have been resolved. "Enclave problem is one that has been hanging over for a long time, which is being tried to be resolved through discussion at different levels between Bangladesh and Indian governments," he told his audience from both sides of the divide. He was talking to different media of Bangladesh and India at Tinbigha Corridor across the border, some 94 kilometers from this district headquarters...more in TDS


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