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Highlights 21st March 2006

N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike U.S. First

North Korea suggested Tuesday it had the ability to launch a pre-emptive attack on the United States, according to the North's official news agency. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the North had built atomic weapons to counter the U.S. nuclear threat. "As we declared, our strong revolutionary might put in place all measures to counter possible U.S. pre-emptive strike," the spokesman said, according to the Korean Central News Agency. "Pre-emptive strike is not the monopoly of the United States."...More

ISI now outsources terror to Bangladesh

There are many people involved in the entire operation:

1) First and foremost is the handler or the operator; this man or group of men, based in Pakistan, are the ones who have a plan in mind of the kind of terrorist activities to be executed in India.

2) Then there is another person or group of persons in Bangladesh who receive the terrorist sent from Pakistan.

3) Then there are a group of people from Bangladesh or India who ferry the terrorists to different parts of India.

4) Then there are people or a group of people in different parts of India (at times they are 'sleepers cells', who silently work for these organisations) who provide or arrange for shelter for the Pakistani terrorists. For carrying out the terrorist activity, arms and ammunition, explosives etc come either from Pakistan or from Kashmir. At times, terrorist organisations from Kashmir also provide logistics and armed support toPakistani terrorists for such activities in India.
There are many terrorist organisations based in Pakistan, such as the Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Hizbul Mujahideen etc. The JeM gets funds from the Taliban and from Osama bin Laden, the LeT from the Pakistani community in the Persian Gulf, the United Kingdom and Islamic organisations, and the HM gets its funds from other sources. The Delhi police claims that after 9/11, open funding of terror activities in India has become difficult and in order to let the flow of money continue, these organisations in the garb of jihad continue to outsource terror from Bangladesh into India. For that, they either incite Indians or send their people into India along with loads of explosives, arms and ammunition and other materials.....More

Indo-Bangla accords on trade, to combat drug smuggling

New Delhi, Mar 21: India and Bangladesh tonight signed two agreements relating to revised bilateral trade and combating cross-border smuggling of narcotics . The agreements were signed after two-hour talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Bangladesh counterpart Khaleda Zia followed by delegation-level meetings between the two sides. The agreement for mutual cooperation for preventing illicit trafficking in narcotics and psycotropic substances and related matters was signed by Commerce Minister Kamal Nath and Bangladesh Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan. The revised trade accord was inked by Nath and Bangladesh Finance Minister Saifur Rahman. ZEE NEWS

Indian Express Editorial on Khaleda Visit

That relations between India and Bangladesh have hit the rock-bottom is evident from the simple fact that Khalida Zia's visit beginning today is the first since she was elected prime minister at the end of 2001. In these four and a half years the Indian prime minister found time to get to Dhaka only once, a few months ago to attend the annual South Asian summit. So much for being neighbours.
Few other countries are so condemned to coexist in peace and interdependence than India and Bangladesh. New Delhi is virtually the only neighbour to Dhaka, ignoring for a moment the small border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.Yet the two countries have found so many different ways to be nasty to each other. Nothing short of a perverse genius was required to push this relationship into a crisis. New Delhi and Dhaka have managed the impossible.
The need to introspect and strategise in New Delhi, however, has been replaced by a tendency to blame Dhaka for the mess the two nations stare at today. The Indian public discourse on Bangladesh has not helped either. A series of simplistic assessments on our eastern neighbour have begun to cloud our judgement. "Bangladesh is turning towards Islamic radicalism and is headed down the road of Talibanisation. Its current leadership, led by Khalida Zia, is pro-Pakistan and is a hostage to religious extremism at home."...More

Bangladesh, Tanzania athletes missing

ATHLETES from Bangladesh and Tanzania have disappeared while competing at the Commonwealth Games with no clues to where they are, police said today. Bangladesh 400m sprinter Tawhidul Mohammad Islam and Tanzania boxer Omari Idd Kimweri went missing from the athletes village yesterday. Neither of them spoke much English, both were at their first Commonwealth Games, and they had no friends or family in Melbourne, police said Tanzania team management declined to talk about Kimweri's disappearance and the Bangladesh chef de mission was unavailable for comment. Kimweri, 23, was last seen in his bed at the athletes village early yesterday morning, police said. His room was not slept in last night and no possessions were missing, other than his money, passport and a plane ticket. Islam was reported missing by the Bangladesh team after he failed to sleep in his bed last night. The 23-year-old sprinter from Kishorgonj was last seen in the village dining hall last night....More

India invited to be a part of the United States Strategic Command

Building rapidly on the civilian nuclear deal, Washington has now invited India to appoint military officers to liaison posts in the US Strategic Command (Stratcom), its largest and most critical defence set-up mandated to control strategic nuclear assets, space and missile defence and global deterrence against weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The Stratcom, whose area of operation spans the globe, controls all American nuclear delivery platforms, including ballistic missile submarines, B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers, Minuteman-III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and Tomahawk land attack systems. Having an Indian liaison officer on board will allow a more efficient link between Stratcom centres and India's relatively new Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which controls Indian military nuclear assets.... More

Zaker Party Donations from devotees

While spiritual persons rise above the worldly lust for material wealth, Faridpuri was an exception. He used the donations of his devotees to amass huge personal wealth. He built a luxurious house in the posh Banani area of the capital city. he set up industries and launched a daily paper and a weekly. He even took out a licence for a private airlines, Rose Airlines, with the help of Ershad. His sons would run all these businesses for him. His spiritual business may have flourished, but not his political one. After the downfall of Ershad, Zaker Party floundered. Faridpuri died in 2001. His mantle fell upon son Mustafa Amir Faisal. The followers have now turned to him. The fervour generated among Faridpuri's devotees has fallen considerably. Faisal, who lives in Dhaka, is more occupied with his business. Publicity-prone Faisal's daily newspaper Al Mujaddid is near closure. The newspaper staff haven't been paid for long. They have filed cases against him in court. Yet this very same Faisal announced that he will pay a one crore taka grant to Reporters Unity. The grant hasn't come through as yet.....More in Probe

What on earth is wrong with Muslims?

What on earth is the matter with Muslims in the Indian sub-continent? And when one speaks of the sub-continent one includes under that rubric all three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. One had hoped that once Pakistan was conceded Muslims who decided to stay on in India would learn to live in peace with the non-Muslim majority. Any Muslim who felt that he was being oppressed had total freedom to leave India and migrate to Pakistan. Or, for that matter, to Bangladesh. But that is not happening. On the contrary, Pakistani and Bangladeshi jihadists are sneaking into India and are apparently being given shelter by Indian Muslims. Admittedly their number is minuscule. Admittedly the majority - and a substantial majority - of Muslims are totally opposed to any form of terrorism being practised against Indian targets. The tragedy is that because of an insignificantly small number of Muslims who are giving shelter to Pakistani and Bangladeshi terrorists, not only Muslims as a community, but also Islam as a religion are getting a bad name.....More

Army didn't do Jessore killing

WASHINGTON: The photograph of the 1971 Jessore massacre by the Pakistan Army is false because the bodies shown in the picture are those of businessmen murdered by East Pakistani rebels, wrote Indian academic Sarmila Bose in an article published in The Telegraph, Calutta. Prof Bose said the photograph, published in a number of books including one by the Bangladeshi government, was published in 1971 before the birth of Bangladesh in a book by British author LF Rushbrook Williams under the caption
'The bodies of businessmen murdered by rebels in Jessore city'. There is no reason for him to wilfully mislabel a photo of a massacre, she pointed out. "The massacre in Jessore may have been genocide, but the Pakistan Army didn't commit it."
The dead men were non-Bengali residents, butchered in broad daylight by Bengali nationalists. "It is but one incident, but illustrative of the emerging reality that the conflict in 1971 in East Pakistan was a lot messier than most people believe," said the academic. Pakistan's military regime did try to crush the Bengali rebellion by force and many Bengalis did die for Bangladesh's independence - yet not every allegation hurled against the Pakistan Army was true and many crimes committed in the name of Bengali nationalism remain concealed, she said. Daily Times

India: The Challenge of Small Arms Proliferation

The impact of small arms proliferation in South Asia, on India's security can best be studied by first focusing the challenges that India faces. India's major challenge today is that it is bordered on its peripheries by states which are inimical to its strategic interests, with the exception of Bhutan and Sri Lanka. But in the case of Sri Lanka, the LTTE is one of the agencies for small arms proliferation in India. In terms of small arms and light weapons proliferation in India, Pakistan is the prime source and an unremitting source. Pakistan uses small arms proliferation against India both as a political and military tool as part of its campaign of strategically de-stabilising India. Pakistan for its strategy of small arms proliferation in India uses the routes of insurgent groups in J&K and North East smuggling through sea and land routes to its terrorist cells and its sleeper cells in India, and smugglers. Bangladesh is emerging as the second most source of small arms proliferation in India. This is in complicity with Pakistan. It has become the Eastern base of Pakistan for its proxy war against India. Bangladesh for its own reasons of strategic insecurity fosters insurgent groups in Assam, etc with small arms and light weapons supplies.....More

Arabic tongue flourishes in the new world order

There can be few subjects that unite Norwegian army officers, Uzbek religious students, Korean contractors and would-be CIA agents. A perhaps unintended consequence of the September 11 2001 al-Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington is that the Arabic language has become one. For different reasons the events triggered by September 11 have sparked an upsurge in the numbers of students learning Arabic across the world. This in turn has translated into booming business for Cairo, traditionally the centre of learning in the Middle East for both religious students and foreign diplomatic services.... More

Anybody for Islamic Jeans?

"As far as we know we're the first, at least in Italy ," said Luca Corradi, who designed Al Quds jeans. The bagginess is to ensure the wearer avoids stiffness while bending down repeatedly during prayers. The pockets are for holding all the accessories Muslims have to take off while they worship. And the jeans have green seams because green is the sacred color of Islam. Al Quds representatives said a year of research and testing went into the product, with models being asked to try different versions of the jeans while they prayed. Abdel Hamid Shaari, president of the Islamic Cultural Institute in Milan , said low-priced jeans specifically designed to keep Muslims comfortable could open up a big market in Islamic countries and countries with large Muslim populations."This could be a good idea, thinking of the comfort," said Shaari, who used to be a production manager for Italy 's Carrera jeans. "About 90 percent of Muslims, aside from a niche that wants Armani and other top designer-jeans, generally seek jeans that are both resistant and comfortable and not expensive," he said.... More

The US and The Arabs... Two heads of the same Snake.

Yes the colonialists left the region in a mess, probably deliberately, but the onus is on the Arabs to find a way out. Look at the wonderful revolution taking place in South America, where people of all race, colour, class and creed are uniting for a better future. But no one deserves freedom if he isn't prepared to fight for it. The choice is theirs. Do they strive for change or do they continue to swallow the barbaric Wahabbi Ideology which the Saudi royal family continues to spread. This sick strand of Islam has been a tool in their hands, as they have used it to ensure the people are never fit to rule. And of course where the Saudi royal family is involved, there will always be an opportunity to make money. Hey I know, let's destroy the Holy City of Mecca, and build housing in the Sacred spaces we create. But don't worry Arabs, just keep ignoring that and focus on the Shia, 'that lurking snake' (notice how much he talks about the shia but virtually ignores the crimes of the kurds.). Damn those Shia for saying 'enough is enough'....More in Party4Iraq


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