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Topic: Is the Koran the perfectly preserved revelation of aLLAH
Status: Ongoing

How could an ant know the name of Suleyman? Can ants hear and understand human languages? Why did Allah reveal that when Suleyman and his army reached the valley of the ants, an ant said,"Ants! Enter your dwellings so that Sulayman and his troops do not crush you" Doesn't Allah know that ants can't hear and understand human speech? Why did Allah reveal that Suleyman heard and understood the ant's speech? Doesn't Allah know that ants convey messages to other ants only through feelers/antennae.

Topic: Rabindranath Tagore
Status: Ongoing

This shameless laureate fought shoulder to shoulder with the management by shaking hands with the communal group members of the University of Calcutta as well as the lawyers of the Calcutta Court. HOW MANY BANGLADESHIS ARE PROUD OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DACCA? These sons of the soil must speak loudly that they are the products of that institution. HOW MANY BANGLADESHIS KNOW THAT Bishwa-Kobi-Raj-Guru OPPOSED THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SAME UNIVERSITY BETWEEN 1910 AND 1920? Why the Bangladeshis need to honor such a scoundrel laureate? If there was no University in Dacca then the entire population would face a situation like Nepal or Bhutan or Afghanistan. What was the prime reason for Bishwa-Kobi-Raj-Guru to oppose this University? Do we have answer? Indeed Bishwa-Kobi-Raj-Guru was communally motivated......Finally, Bishwa Kobi-Raj-Guru had no connection with Bangladesh before 1947 and after 1947. His no family member or relatives belong to Bangladesh. His son-in-law was a British citizen and died there. His situation is not the same as Kazi Nazrul Islam. Again, Bishwa Kobi-Raj-Guru is not the National Poet of Bangladesh. Such a laureate has no room in India as well as a National Poet. The prime reason for that he regarded as a scoundrel tout writer who had no fame in any branch of literature. Name any branch - he has touched, but never acquired championship. He has no parallel work compared to the champions in other languages. He was a mere reproducer and copier of old works of some less known people such as Lalan Fakir. He also stole many concepts from the Persian literature beside English competitors. Why Bangladeshis need to bother about such a stupid garbage copier? Since his ashes were thrown in Bhagirathi then we need to throw his legacies in the Bay of Bengal........More

The contemporary debates among Bangladeshis is that eversince the partition movement, even Tagore changed his alliegiance from Bengal to India and he personally recommended that Bankim's "Bande Materem..." song should be adopted as India's national anthem. It is however true that Tagore's song is a beautiful expression of Bengal. However, in reality it remains only an illusion. The reality is that since the time of Tagore many things have changed. West Bengal joined with India, and East Bengal with Pakistan. Again during the liberatin war of Bangladesh in 1971, India with our West Bengali brothers secretely built the Farakka dam to deprive the Bangladeshis of the needed water, drying up our "sonar bangla". There is no sign of West Bengal joinining with Bangladesh.Despite our cries, there has been no protest from West Bengali brothers against India in the destruction of "sonar Bangla". It seems that they Like us sing their song but don't like to hear our cries! And our singing of Tagore's song morning and evenings, every day doesn't change their mind to stop building further dams. Our waters have been taken away for ever......More

Who the f**k cares what song you beggardeshis like to sing?! But, we will appreciate if you sing like this:

O merey paki chodan kay sathi, Ab fir chodo humko,
hum sab hain chutiya beggardeshi.

(Greetings to our Pakistani f**k buddies, please f**k us again as you did in 1971. We love you because we are some kinda dumb f**k stupid beggardeshis)....More


Anonymous Zabir said...

hmmm.. we all got our own point of view.And that's not bad..But again as ur saying Bout the "ANT" thing i can say who told us that there is a GOD.. I think it is the way to evaluate the seeming anomaly around us by referring to the unnatural or supper natural. BTW that's not i'm talking bout. I read ur post and thought of saying the concept of religion in my mind.Imagine.. ur walking on a street following a lamp. If that is not a illusion then u can reach ur destiny just moving along with it.. But what i try to do is to look around while walking.. And looking to find some answers bout the lamp.Who's holding it?Where r we going? Or just hy the hell we r following that unknown thing?? But in the matter of fact i'm still following that "light". If i'm able to know something it's OKY.. If now "WHAT THE HELL!!" i'm still on the road.But it worth a shot..

Some thing more..What we do is just for our on F**Kin self.Not a lil bit for others..(Donno there might be some different ppl..but) Some time that things we do for our-self pass through the age of our time and ppl say that "THAT MAN A GREAT..It also for ur " Bishwa-Kobi-Raj-Guru"..

there is a common QUES in IBA admission test.

A man came to a poet with a poem of him(the poet) & asked "what does this mean???". The poet told "when i was writing i know the meaning,but now only god knows". What is the appropriate..BLAH BLAH BLAH..

I'm saying this cos i'm a stupid boy how don't worry bout the past and always try to forget what happened. I don't know if that's silly of something. I like to see dreams. Dreams for better future...A lot of ppl also do that.But some time they have some nightmares bout the past. To them i have to say.."Stop seeing the nightmares.. even for once.Lets talk bout the future.." I donno if the time brings some bad shit in future still we r not there yet..

I'm ready to die any time.Not because i dont care for the world or for the country.But i think i'm living my life by the day and the moments. Till then i wanna be an optimistic boy. (I know it's all sound a lil bit more "WANNA BE"..)

that's i am.. and HEY...we all got our own point of vie

April 28, 2006  

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