Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Highlights 11th April 2006

Bangladesh's Growing Export

The fact that a Bangladesh based radical fundamentalist outfit can have branches in India is bad enough, that it plans to carry out attacks inside India is much worse. These incidents have once again highlighted the dangers of growing talibanisation of once ‘liberal and tolerant’ Bangladesh under the current government. The recent attempts by the Bangladesh government to arrest the leaders of various militant outfits, coming at the fag-end of its tenure, are at best a case of ‘too little too late’. For most of its tenure Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) government of Begum Khaleda Zia, has been a hostage to two of its smaller coalition partners Islamic Oika Jote (IOJ) and Jamaat-e-Islami – a party that had opposed the creation of Bangladesh and had collaborated with Pakistani military junta during the liberation war. Both these Islamic parties succeeded in forcing the government to turn a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by Islamic extremists, who systematically encroached upon Bangladesh’s traditional tolerance. Minorities have been persecuted under the influence of these Islamic parties and the worst sufferers have been the Ahmediyas, who number around 100, 000 out of a total population of 140 million in Bangladesh. As they are regarded as apostates by some Muslims, they have been systematically persecuted during the current regime. Human Rights Watch in its report published in June 2005, had clearly established that the Ahmediyas were being subjected to a campaign of hate, discrimination, expropriation and violence. In January 2004, even their religious publications were banned at the behest of IOJ, ironically in a country that was initially set up as a secular republic and even today ostensibly claims to allow every citizen freedom to practice his own religion.....more

The Bangladeshi Angle

The Government has to nip this in the bud - having one full blown terrorist nation next door is more than enough trouble. The GoI must send the message to Bangladesh that Terror will not pay.
And the Government must use all means fair and foul to let the Government of Bangladesh know that Indian lives are not cheap - and attack on Indian citizens will mean retaliatory and severe damage
- in more than one sphere of human activity(and hopefully not follow the same strategy it did when BSF jawans were attacked tortured, and killed )...more

Ever enlarging matrix of terror incidents in India

According to statistics, April happens to be a favourite season for the Bangladeshi Islamic fundamentalists to unleash terror not only against India on the border but also against the hapless minorties within their own country. The Bengali and Assamese New Year (Bihu) falls on April 15 and April 14 happens to be the Bengali and Assamese New Year eve. The first day of the Bihu is called goru bihu or cow bihu, where the cows are washed and worshipped, which falls on the last day of the previous year, usually on April 14. This is followed by manuh (human) Bihu on April 15, the New Year Day. There is a likely connection between these dates and the terrorist attacks because of the JEI campaign against celebrations in this period....more

The Demographic Detonators: The Search for a Hindu Agenda

To understand the demographic detonation that would take place in the coming fifty years, if the present trends continue, I will state some facts in simple language:
About 1000 years ago, Akhand Hindustan i.e., present India, Pakistan, Bangladesh plus other nations of South Asia constituted about 30 million people. All 100 per cent were Hindus.
Today Hindus have increased to 820 million, while Muslims have increased from zero to 400 million in Akhand Hindustan, also called the South Asian sub-continent. That is, the share of Muslim population has risen from zero percent in 1000 AD to 33 per cent today, while the share of Hindu population has declined from 100 per cent to 64 per cent in the sub-continent. At present, Hindu population is growing at 1.5 per cent per year, while Muslim population in Akhand Hindustan is growing at 2.6 per cent per year. The Muslim population of present day India is growing at 2.2 per cent per year but illegal migration from Bangladesh adds to that rate. What is alarming is that further more, not only is the Hindu rate of population growth much lower than the Muslim rate but that the Hindu rate is decelerating while the Muslim rate is not. Part of this difference in growth is due to the higher prosperity of the Hindus relative to Muslims (because the richer have fewer children than poor), but a good part is also due to higher fertility rates amongst Muslim women due to non practice of family planning.....more

Why I won't live among Hindus

As a rule I would not stay in a Hindu locality.It is not that I dislike Hindus or anything like that -- some of my closest friends are Hindus -- but the Mumbai riots of 1993 made me realise for the first time that we Muslims in India are different from Hindus. I have seen Hindu mobs looking for Muslims in the Hindu locality where I then lived, to kill them and burn down their homes. The mobs managed to lay their hands on some of my friends, but some lucky families, like mine, escaped. hat incident affected my psyche so much that I then decided I would never live in a Hindu locality again. After the Mumbai riots, we shifted to a Muslim locality in 1994....more

Church Burned Down

An angry mob set fire to a church in a remote area of Bangladesh on March 30, capping a year of extreme hostility towards villagers who had converted from Buddhism to Christianity. While Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country, Buddhism flourishes in small pockets like Pancchari sub-district, where the attack took place. Immediately after the attack, a Bangladesh army contingent was deployed to Kinamonipara village in Pancchari to prevent further violence, according to local media reports. Christians attacked in Pancchari have been told not to contact higher authorities or seek hospital treatment or they would face greater persecution....more

New Muslim Party Participates in Assam polls

In another significant development, in this election a new full-fledged party to represent the Muslim community has emerged. The party named as the Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF) has been floated by the former president of the state unit of Jamiat-Ulema-e- Hind Badaruddin Azmal after the scrapping of IMDT by the Supreme Court and several "false promises" by the Congress....more

Myanmar troops reportedly attacking minority villages

Myanmar's regime has stepped up a bloody military offensive against ethnic minority villagers to secure areas around its new capital, rebel and non-governmental groups say. Troops have killed over 100 Karen people, displaced thousands more and burned down villages and crops in an ongoing crackdown that intensified last month, said Karen National Union (KNU) spokesman Colonel Nerdah Mya. "They moved their troops from Rangoon (Yangon) to the new capital Pyinmana, which is close to the Karen Second Brigade, in order to secure the area," Nerdah Mya told AFP, referring to a brigade of Karen guerrilla fighters. "They are using thousands of troops to clean up the area," he said. "They kill, they rape, they loot, they burn, everything, so people have to flee. If you are Karen, they will attack you. They are pushing the Karen out of Burma." The KNU is the largest group still battling Yangon, in one of the world's longest-running insurgencies. Nerdah Mya says the Karen have more than 10,000 resistance fighters. The junta has ceasefires with 17 ethnic armed groups....more

Iranian military buildup worries India

India is worried about the Iranian military build up in the Persian Gulf region which could destabilise the economies of many countries, including India. India has been alerted since Iran asked Russia to fast track export of cruise missiles having a range below three hundred kilometres. Russia has refused the cruises but agreed that Iran could be given short-range defensive air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles...more


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