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Highlights 30th May 2006



1. GUTRUSH, a Globally United Terror Response to United States Hegemony, may be considered a viable option by the French and other EU members for protecting their interests. Once we understand how our former allies could feel pushed far enough into a corner to participate in a GUTRUSH it is that much easier to envision participation by Russia and China. The key to a effective GUTRUSH is that world powers like the EU, Russia and China, who have already voiced their displeasure, discontent, and desire to limit US hegemony, begin proactively enhancing the economic, political and military apparatus of second tier or perimeter nation states outside the Alliance.....As we continue delving into the concept of GUTRUSH and analyzing the thoughts, feelings, actions and statements of the Euro-Asian Alliance it becomes apparent that the concept may already have moved into reality. The most likely brain center for GUTRUSH would be in Russia. China’s foreign policy appears to be one of deception, especially the appearance of amicability for purposes of economic gain. The EU is an ally of the US through NATO and other institutions, thus making it to risky a location to support the GUTRUSH brain center. Russia, on the other hand, has had a head start since it has been going head to head with the US for decades. One captured Russian spy said that the dissolution of the USSR was actually a KGB operation. It would be interesting to know exactly what he meant……

2. A new report by the U.S. Defense Department says China is continuing to increase its military capabilities in ways that have already altered the regional military balance and is causing concern about China's future intentions. The annual report is required by Congress. The report says China is increasing its force of short range ballistic missiles that could attack Taiwan and other regional targets, and looking to buy or develop more advanced and capable aircraft and ships. The report says China is also increasing its high-technology ability to disrupt other countries' access to communications, computer networks and other services essential to modern defense, and society as a whole....

3. According to an executive summary of the "2006 Annual Report on the Military Power of the People's Republic of China," the People's Liberation Army is in the process of a long-term transformation from a mass army designed for protracted wars of attrition on its territory to a more modern force capable of fighting short, high-intensity conflicts. In the near term, China's military build up appears focused on preparing for Taiwan Strait contingencies, including the possibility of U.S. intervention, according to the report.....

4. When you find an intelligence agency discussed by the media, it is invariably for exposing its misdeeds or failures. It is the `goof-up', as the popular expression goes, that receives huge publicity and intense scrutiny, much to the embarrassment of that in power and to the immense glee of those who sit in the Opposition in the legislatures. Seldom is the success of the Intelligence Bureau/Research and Analysis Wing, the MI 5/MI 6 or the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Central Intelligence Agency (the domestic and foreign intelligence agencies respectively of India, the United Kingdom and the United States) celebrated, because no intelligence outfit worth its name can ever go to town with its positive achievements, unless it resorts to inspired leakages. This is why possibly the reputation of many intelligence organisations is unsavoury, something that invites ridicule rather than praise. This is the hazard of the trade of intelligence. No operative can complain about it, because he or she knew of this predicament at the time of entry. The travails of an intelligence outfit get compounded in a country like the U.S., where unlike in India, its operations are openly discussed, either in Congress or the media. There is very little - be it an act of financial impropriety or extramarital dalliance of an intelligence officer - that is left to public imagination.....

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5. Even after four years, the enigma surrounding the death of top model and actress Tania Mahbub Tinni hasn’t been resolved. An officer of the CID has said that Tinni committed suicide. The police is investigating along those lines. During the investigations, the CID interrogated 35 persons including Tinni’s co-models, friends and acquaintances. According to the police, their statements all indicate that former parliamentarian Golam Faruk Ovi was behind her suicide. Ovi, sensing his being implicated in the matter, went undercover and eventually took off for Canada.....More

6. The Bangladeshi Navy will procure four submarines and two maritime patrol aircrafts (MPAs) to protect Bangladesh's maritime territory and its resources in the Bay of Bengal. The decision was recently made by the Bangladeshi government. To accelerate maritime patrol the government has already arranged training for the submarines and Bangladeshi naval personnel have already been imparted with some necessary training. Additional training will follow. The Bangladeshi government will soon procure a single conventional diesel and electric powered submarine. The submarines are designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW) and are capable of general reconnaissance, mine laying and patrol missions.There are approximately 44,000 square miles of maritime area belonging to Bangladesh. A naval ship takes three days and three nights to monitor such a huge area. But a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) can do this task in 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, in addition to the submarines, the Bangladeshi Navy will also purchase two American-made Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPA) at the cost of US$18.57 million. A Singapore-based company called King Air will supply these aircrafts.....

7. Ahead of Bangladesh steel mills associations' rally on Monday to protest the Tata Group's revised proposal for the USD 3 billion investment here, a group of experts today claimed the Indian major's plans were "suicidal". The organiser of the roundtable of the National Committee for Protecting Oil-Gas-Mineral Resources and Electricity-Port (NCPOGMREP) accused the under-process investment deal with the Indian giant Tata of "being suicidal for the country." Tata Group presented a revised plan last month and urged the Bangladesh Government to take a decision by May 31. Tata's Group's USD 3 billion proposal includes a USD 2.4 million tonne a year steel plant. The investment proposal, the largest ever in Bangladesh, also includes a one million tonne urea factory and a 1,000 mw gas-fired power plant....

8. Wife of State Minister for Education Ehsanul Haque Milon is running a fake university named ‘The International University’ at city's Uttara model town, thus cheating hundreds of students in Bangladesh. The matter came to the attention when a local newspaper published an exclusive report on it. According to the report, the education ministry has found that the authorities of The International University have been running the private institution for over five years with a fake approval of the ministry.The ministry has received a copy of the fake approval letter that the university authorities have shown to the students as well as to different government organizations....

9. RAB members prepared a profile of 927 out of total 5,000 terrorists listed with them, the sources said. Out of 927, some 400 terrorists are from Dhaka Metropolitan and nearby areas and the rest 527 are from outside Dhaka division. The RAB members are now verifying the draft profiles of the listed terrorists. The RAB members have submitted a list of the 927 terrorists to the Home Ministry on July 11 last year, the sources said, adding drives against them would start after getting green lights from appropriate authorities. The track records of criminals, their bank accounts, sources of income, suspected foreign trips and police relevant records against them are being compiled and analysed at the RAB office, it is understood....

10.The disregard of legal process was demonstrated recently, on 5th March 2006, when military officers went to the magistrate's courts in Khagrachari, in broad daylight and put arms in the hands of innocent Jummas and took photographs, in full view of the magistrate. In spite of protests by local lawyers and journalists, nothing was done in spite of complaints by Khagrachari Bar Association. These are some of the methods employed by corrupt military officials to justify the arrest and detention of innocent Jummas, and perhaps their ongoing presence in the region. There has also been another serious incident of communal violence in Maischari on 3rd April 2006, where a number of Jumma villages were attacked and two Jumma women were gang raped and a Buddhist monk attacked by Bengali settlers. When the women were taken to be examined by doctors to confirm their injuries, doctors either refused to do so, or were pressured to report the women had not been raped. It should be noted that in order for evidence of rape to be submitted under Bangladeshi Law, a woman must be examined by a Government doctor, who are not impartial and have to think of their careers....

11. Bangladesh textile exporters received frantic calls on Wednesday from companies like Wal-Mart and Carrefour about supplies after two days of violent strikes by thousands of workers demanding higher pay. Two people died, dozens were injured and more than 300 factories were ransacked and dozens burned after tens of thousands of workers filled textile manufacturing zones north of the capital Monday and Tuesday demanding better pay and working conditions from textile companies enjoying a boom in exports.

“We’ve never seen such a madness in our history. It affected the country’s biggest textile belt and forced temporary closures of at least 1,000 factories,”

Abdus Salam Murshedi, acting head of the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association said. Murshedi said the situation improved markedly on Wednesday but most of the factories in the belt still remained shut down, imperiling millions of dollars of export orders. “Every minute we are getting calls from big buyers like Wal-Mart, JCPenney, Carrefour, American Eagle, Aldi, Metro etc. They want to know what actually was going on here,” he added.....More

12. Bangladesh border guards, Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) has handed over to India, nine militants belonging to the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT). The nine were arrested by the BDR some two and a half years back when they were trying to sneak across the Indo- Bangla border near Habibganj in Bangladesh.They were in a Bangladesh jail till recently, when BDR handed them back to Tripura police at Khowai in West Tripura.Tripura officials said this was the first instance of Bangladesh extraditing terrorists to India, adding, it was a good gesture that would help in improving the relations between the two countries.....

13. I wonder why it takes so long for us city-based people to realise that for far too long the poor have continued to remain poor in this country -- and under the circumstances it becomes very easy for just about anybody 'fishing in trouble waters' to catch one big FISH too many, to exploit a situation that goes way beyond basic understanding or sensibility. Thus 'fishy'......things will always remain! I have been screaming myself hoarse for years that our real problem is Civil Unrest NOT Terrorism and sadly there have been no takers. Therefore I am quite curious to know why our media or intellectuals or the Awami League or the Conspiracy theorist have has not yet blamed the JMB so far? Or has everybody agreed with me for once that Civil Unrest today has a huge possibilty of esclating to the inevitable CIVIL WAR? The truth is Terrorism was one big myth, and it simply does not exist and one created by both the BNP and AL, to make sure that the $ 100 million offer from the US to 'fight terrorism' is received. The green is IN and distributed .....end of the story....
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14. India's armed forces are woefully short of equipment, reveals a parliamentary committee, calling for immediate measures to rectify the situation if the military is to deliver what it is intended to. Be it the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force (IAF) or the Coast Guard, they are either pathetically short of equipment or what they hold does not perform at optimum, parliament's standing committee on defence has said in its 11th report....

15. Five years after the GoM report, the secretariat of the Chief of Integrated Defence Staff has formulated the armed forces’ Joint Doctrine that Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee released May 17. The Andaman and Nicobar Command has also been created and, from all accounts, is functioning fairly well. The Defence Intelligence Agency, however, has not been able to achieve much - largely because of the existing players jealously guarding their little turfs. There may be a wealth of information available but there is no one to collate it into the larger picture that should be provided. What then is the Joint Doctrine all about? According to a defence spokesman, ‘the doctrine contains the fundamental principles by which to conduct future joint operations with the aim of enhancing the fighting capabilities of the armed forces.
‘It will complement the single service doctrines that have already been
promulgated and lead to a better understanding of the application of military power in a variety of situations,’
the spokesman added. The document is intended to be dynamic in nature and subject to regular review, to keep pace with the evolving concepts and technology and ensure its contemporary relevance. In the history of contemporary military operations the world over, the spokesman contended, ‘it is a truism that no single service has been able to achieve military objectives individually....More

16. The West Bengal police now suspects, following the interrogation of a front-ranking leader, cadre and linkmen of Ulfa arrested on May 18 from Siliguri in North Bengal, that the militant outfit has established close links with Maoists of Nepal. Intelligence sources said today that Ulfa had either set up or was preparing to set up training camps in Nepal but the restoration of democracy there “upset” their plans....

17. India will sign a defence deal with Russia within a fortnight under which 18 Sukhoi-30K fighter jets it had purchased earlier from Moscow will be exchanged for the latest Su-30 MKI multi-role war planes. A spokesperson of Irkut Corporation, the manufacturer of Sukhoi jets, said the trade-in contract would be signed within a fortnight. However, she declined to reveal the value of the deal.....

18. Indian armed forces use these guns in the kashmir region (by the special forces),they are realy impressed by the performance of these guns and plan to make them the standard firearms for the indian army,they plan to jointly produce a version of it for the indian army known as the zittara,also a submachine gun based on the microtavor is currently under design for the indian and the israeli armed forces.i have already posted images of these weapons on this forum......the zittara is not indigenous version it is a joint indo-israeli development,built to indian specifications but with israeli technology ,design and gizmos. the tavor has already been phased into service ,they are currently used by the special forces and the anti-terrorist forces....
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19. Pakistan has announced that it will buy four F-22P frigates from China, with the last unit to be constructed in Pakistan. Pakistan`s Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir said in Beijing that the deal would also allow for technology transfer for boosting Pakistan`s indigenous production of modern warships. The News International reported on May 23 that the frigates` keels would be laid at Shanghai`s Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard later this year, with the first frigate scheduled for delivery in 2008. The fourth frigate will be constructed in Pakistan at the Karachi Shipyard. Under the terms of the contract, the Karachi Shipyard will be upgraded and China will provide training and technical assistance to shipyard personnel. The F-22P frigate will be equipped with helicopters specially designed to carry surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles along with advanced self-defense systems. Tahir said, 'Modalities of its design and configuration are in the final stages.' He said signing contracts worth about $600 million was another milestone in ever-increasing bilateral relations between the two countries in the maritime sector....


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20. No newspaper or television channel in India has bothered to report the dissenting point of view in Nepal. Nor have Maoist sympathisers - if not card-carrying cadre - masquerading as television news anchors and newspaper journalists cared to report that thousands of people across Nepal have taken to the streets since Monday to demonstrate their support for the King and reject an illegitimate Pratinidhi Sabha's criminal attempt to rob the Himalayan kingdom of its Hindu identity by declaring it a "secular state".....



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