Thursday, June 15, 2006

Highlights 15th June 2006

From the European Space Agency comes this (CLICK HERE) satellite image of Dhaka, Bangladesh at the confluence of the Ganges and Bhramaputra Rivers. Prismatic, incandescent, and curiously, palpably supple. Tissue-like. Soon after discovering the image (and also this image), the BBC reported on the factory riots in Dhaka earlier this month, one of the many civil, political and religious unrest in the country this year and last. So if anything, this synchronicity highlights the often jarring contrast between the somber, lived experience on the ground and the hypnotic beauty of satellite imagery: the paradox of Icarus.


FLASH: Serial Bomb attack in Thailand
Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali
How Good Is American Intelligence on Iran’s Bomb?

Global Jihad: Bin Laden's jihadi spring
Global Jihad: Dissecting the Zargawi Spectacle
Global Jihad: Al Qaeda - The Next Phase of Evolution?
Global Jihad:Why Amman helped track down Zarqawi
Global Jihad:Jordan aided in Zarqawi operation


Babar & his magic stick
Latest Satellite Image of Dhaka - Haunting!
Bangladesh-born U.S. Marines Build Shrine to Islam --- Saudi Style!
World Bank official apologizes to PM
Is third force inventible in Bangladesh?
On Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)
BSF kills 10 in ten days on southwestern border
10 Indian insurgents killed in Rangamati
Bangladesh global leader in girls' education: WB
Maqsood's new talk show Bishwocup Protidin
Bangladesh's cycle of strikes
Gunfight with BDR in Satkhira: BSF man among 3 Indians killed
BSF atrocities
Fake stories of illegal intrusion of the Bangladeshis in Assam
Bangladesh strike turns violent
Asian Highway network gathers speed
India, Bangladesh fight against the current
293 Bangladeshis killed by BSF since Oct 2001
Please say ‘No’ to TATA
Bangladesh-Myanmar sea boundary
Air polluters get drastic duty cut
Case against Apollo ordered
CHT Manual Act challenged
Oil/gas exploration inside Bangladesh territorial waters
Untold story of powerful ministers in Bangladesh
'Scores injured' in Dhaka unrest
Why call them indigenous?
Recent vandalism in garment industry-how to avert recurrence?
Quenching Bangladesh's thirst for tea
Those shameless corrupts in Bangladesh
Blogosphere on arrest of Bangladeshi terrorists in Canada


This "wall of instability" has prevented India from gaining access to vital resources and markets, deterred regional economic integration and security cooperation, and may even undermine investor confidence. India's poor relations with Bangladesh and instabilities in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and in India's northeast have limited direct land access to the markets of China and Southeast Asia. Progress on plans for Myanmar to supply India with natural gas from its Shwe field off the coast of Arakan state has been held up by tensions between India and Bangladesh and Myanmar's close relationship with China…. (Asia Times, 6-1-06)

Indians are economically backward and politically weak compared to Malays who comprise 50 percent of the population and dominate decision making at every level. Ethnic Chinese, who make up another 24 percent, enjoy economic clout and dominate business activity….It is now a common sight to see bulldozers reducing large temples to rubble and workers to smashing deities before the eyes of helpless worshippers…. (Inter Press Service, 6-1-06)

ULFA founder Paresh Baruah is in Dhaka: Indian Intell
AIDS, HIV and misery co-exist in India's troubled North-east
India test-fires nuclear-capable missile
Militants blow up railway tracks in Assam
INDIA: Islamists Want Author Taslima Nasreem Deported
Child labour - India's 'cheap commodity'
US State DeptTrafficking in Persons Report-India
Indian paramilitary soldier shoots two of his seniors
Assam rocked by deadly explosions
Fruits of unrest in Assam
Ulfa steps up attacks in Assam


The Untold Pains of Nepal


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